Sculpture brings myth into the world. It is my conduit to reimagining origins in the realms of anthropology and biology. These notions come together as I embody them in physical terms, finding ways of expressing the relationship between our human and animal selves. This is especially significant in a world where we have become transformers of worlds and not just commoditisers of Nature. The ensuing erosion of the past and with it our sense of place is like environmental dementia. In a personal attempt to restore some form of memory and understand where we are coming from, I draw from remnants of the deep past, from archaeology, the fossil record, and historical accounts. Using these elements, I construct particular stories that inform the present and an as-yet-unknown future.

Photography is critical in this process of reconstruction. It enables me to capture an instance in the inexorable passing of time. As the subject moves on in the world, so does a photograph undergo change with shifting contexts as well as its own physical alteration, or perhaps transformation. The physical relationship with the materials I work with fosters visceral connections with an abstracted world which I make concrete. The outcomes are once again made abstract through their images in a process of continual flux and synthesis.

The works I do stand as both solitary things and as intersecting trajectories constantly merging and separating. I see this as a metaphor for how we relate as both spiritual beings and animal entities; two domains indissolubly linked and contained within each and every one of us.

The restrictions brought about by coronavirus have made me reconsider the logistical and curatorial challenges posed by physical works. I have confronted this, finding new ways of developing such works where they cannot be physically present. Photography is one way of doing this. My intention is to transform the material essence of a sculpture into a poetic projection cast onto a flat surface. This is both documentation and re-enactment whereby the making of sculpture becomes the ritual from which a player emerges to take a part in the theatre of the lens. Meaning is transformed together with form forging connections which perhaps give a glimpse of a greater whole.