Sculpture, for me, is the vessel through which mythology comes alive in our world. It’s my way of delving into the roots of anthropology and biology, reimagining the very origins that shape us. This convergence of ideas takes tangible form in my sculptures, where the intricate dance between our human essence and our primal connection with animals finds expression. This feels particularly poignant in a time when we’ve evolved into architects of worlds, no longer mere inhabitants of nature but transformers of it. The erosion of history and the fading sense of our place in the natural order remind me of an environmental form of dementia. To counter this, I embark on a personal quest, drawing inspiration from the relics of ancient times—archaeological remnants, fossil imprints, and the narratives of history. These fragments become the building blocks of stories that bridge the past with the present, hinting at an elusive future.

Photography is critical in this process of reconstruction. It enables me to capture an instance in the inexorable passing of time. As the subject moves on in the world, so does a photograph undergo change with shifting contexts as well as its own physical Photography becomes my faithful companion in this artistic odyssey, capturing fleeting moments in the ceaseless passage of time. Just as life evolves and transforms, so do my sculptures, and so do the photographs that encapsulate them, changing as contexts shift and narratives evolve. The tactile interaction with the very materials I mould connects me intimately with the abstract concepts I’m shaping into reality. Yet, this concreteness is transmuted back into abstraction through the lens: a perpetual cycle of transformation and synthesis.

In my creative realm, each sculpture wears a dual mantle. It stands as a singular entity, a silent narrative, and at the same time, it’s a trajectory intersecting with others—a metaphor for our complex existence as both spiritual beings and primal creatures. These dualities intertwine within us, separate yet inseparable.

I approach sound as the sculpting of a distinct language, a way of working in the spaces left by other means of expression and thought. It possesses a unique agency that allows me to expand on the remnants of my other actions, nurturing a conversation within a broader, cohesive whole.

The challenges posed by the pandemic forced me to reimagine how I share my physical artwork. Adapting to these circumstances, I discovered fresh avenues of artistic expression. Photography emerged as a bridge between the tangible and the intangible, allowing me to translate the essence of my sculptures into poetic visual projections. This act has become a blend of documentation and reenactment, a ritual where sculpting transcends into performance, and I, a player on the stage of the lens. The interplay of form and meaning continues, offering fleeting insights into the interconnectedness that extends far beyond the confines of my creations.