G.U.T. 2020 – in progress
Ink on paper

Clinging to this mass of life, of ceaseless movement, love and loss, encounter and recognition, how is each one to measure the solitude of existence against the weight of one another’s proximity? How do we weigh this on a species level as opposed to an individual one? The two dynamics are so different. Are we descending into an existential struggle or heading towards a progressive future in the light of catastrophe? What part does each one of us as individuals play in the context of the whole and what is the nature of the collective consciousness in times of stress? These are questions that come into play as I bring this work together.

It is clear to me that the process, the making and the outcome are one and the same thing. There is no separation. I imbue myself into the work mentally and physically. While I work I reflect in one way, I am absorbed, focused, unseparated. When I rest, I become detached and emotional or perhaps more accurately psychologically.

And it is the psychology of the individual in the group that has energised this work. Each element, stripped of all but its biological essence, responds to what surrounds it. Each individual possesses its own identity that in and of itself binds it to the others.