Consciousness is an Illusion I Cultivate

As he came out of the crowd, he found himself
and in that moment saw the world as it is
Photograph – pre-fired glazed porcelain

With the start of a new year, I continue revisiting and finishing old work while developing new projects. The key for this year is that everything I do is consciously connected with everything else at a subliminal level.

These are some of the principles or approaches I am currently following:

experiment in the light of experience; cross thresholds with courage and extend them with diligence; conclusions are not the end but the well-spring of enquiry; I look not for affirmation in outcomes but focus on the anticipation of where they might lead; I do not try to please anyone but myself; I break my own rules but keep the discipline of rigour; to simplify takes time; always write and draw in equal measure; think in poetic terms; identity is not a subject, it is being; think critically after and before doing, not during; finish everything however bad I think it is – what starts badly often ends the best; evolution is not improvement, it is adaptation; work on different projects at the same time, each one will feed the other; draw from life, that way I understand how the subject turns and fills space; repairing what is broken is an act of love; the importance of art lies in its giving significance to things in life; poetry unifies that which has become separated; consciousness is an illusion I cultivate; keep wondering, look at the moon; all I have said is mutable.

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