Lines, Titles and Poetry

I Listen to the Bombs and Drones and Hear Nothing in this Silent Place – graphite on paper 2023

I am coming back to drawing in a full circle with my beginning, but with a deeper understanding of what it is for me to draw; its purpose and meaning. Starting with the latter, I now envision drawing as the bringing forth of something that has fallen before me and giving it life. I treat the line as a plastic material, a medium that possesses mass, yet it remains conceptual at its heart. Drawing shapes the mind into thinking something into being, a thing that has presence and not only significance. Searching amongst the debris of ideas that I have waded through over the years is being connected as rasa on a string; along a thread of long consciousness drawn through tropes and objects that emerge from a plasma.

Titles are as fluid as the ideas that emerge from doing a work. I cannot settle on one or another. I am drawn to changing a work’s name and not fixing it. To bind an idea to a single title is like saying that a thing cannot be anything other than what it is at any one moment. Titles add layers to work but should not define it. A title serves as an identifier of some aspects of its meaning, making, and placing, but it should not mark its end. Words label the world and things in it. That worded world’s coming into being is of limited form, one of an infinite many. It is labelled by the relative fixedness of what we understand to be the meaning of words. As poetry tries to transcend this limitation through ambiguity, I see a title as necessarily a temporary and mutable part of an artwork’s identity.