Mass, Gravity and Life

What is the Meaning of this Intrusion

This second drawing of the current series shows me an early pattern may be emerging. The space surrounding an object is affected by it and is part of it. It is almost as though the one becomes the other. Gravity is often explained as mass changing the geometry of space, warping it so that movement which would otherwise be in a straight line is directed towards the object. Similarly, the interlocking fields of lines, as strokes delineating form and creating presence, are shaped by the subject’s mass. This is not just a technique for drawing but a philosophy. But looking at it from another angle, they would work well as etchings or lithographs.

But the drawings are not only about the objects as models. They are drawn out from deep-seated notions embedded in the existential. Bringing inanimate things to life is as old as humanity. Creating life is the other side of magical thinking to the defeat of death. Pygmalion, Frankenstein, and Golem manifest this in myth and storytelling. I see the drawings as animation, not in the literary sense, but as a sensory metaphor that ignites thought and response. It is a presence that becomes a reality, allowed to exist as the thing that embodies it. If it does this for me, it may also do the same for some other person.